Resources | July 09, 2024

Video messaging tool that helps you get your message across through instantly shareable videos.

Hippo Video

Resources | July 09, 2024

Transform any piece of content into an interactive video using a full-featured AI video platform.

Hour One

Resources | July 09, 2024

Training Videos in Minutes — Video creation platform powered by AI to train anyone or explain anything.

Send Spark

Resources | July 09, 2024

Create and send personalized videos to strengthen relationships with customers.

Kive - AI Image Upscale

Resources | July 03, 2024

An all-in-one platform to generate ideas, produce professional content, organize assets and build brands with AI.

Adobe Firefly

Resources | January 12, 2024

Adobe's standalone web application with an initial focus on image and text effect generation.


Resources | January 03, 2024

An AI-powered video editing tool that enables users to transform footage by painting over a single frame.


Resources | January 03, 2024

A visual builder that allows you to drag-and-drop elements, making it easy to build complex designs.


Resources | January 03, 2024

Provides tools and resources used by thousands of Figma designers & Webflow developers.


Resources | January 03, 2024

Create, share, and test designs for websites, mobile apps, and other digital products and experiences.


Resources | January 03, 2024

LogoLounge makes logo research simple by making it searchable


Resources | January 03, 2024

Simple Open Source icons carefully crafted for designers & developers.

Reasonable Colors

Resources | January 03, 2024

An open-source color system for building accessible, nice-looking color palettes.


Resources | January 03, 2024

Layer takes prompts from your existing art style and creates an unlimited pipeline of professional game assets.


Resources | January 03, 2024

Generate distinctive art with pre-trained AI models or train your own.

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